DIY Christmas Ornaments


Finally! My most favorite time of year has arrived and our home has been full of nothing but Christmas music, movies, baking and decorating ever since. We’ve also been keeping real busy lately working on some fun, holiday DIY projects for our home. One of those projects being the ornaments for our tree. I knew that I wanted to make them myself this year, because I had a specific style and color combo in mind. Months ago my hubby and I were wandering around IKEA (Yes, lots of our date nights consist of walking around IKEA daydreaming) and I spotted some solid black ornaments. I loved their simple, classic look and knew that was the route I wanted to go for our tree this year, with white and gold too, of course. But as much as I love my black, white and gold combos, I just have to have some red in my house around Christmastime. I love the traditional pairing of deep reds and greens together, and how warm and cozy my home feels when I incorporate them here and there. So I decided to use all of these colors for our tree, along with the unique ornaments that my husband and I have collected over the years. I had contemplated a number of ideas for these ornaments initially, such as painting designs or lettering my favorite Christmas lyrics and quotes on them, but I really just wanted to keep it simple, clean and classy this year. Which I’m really glad about, because life has been seriously cray over here and I just could not have made the time to do more than that without blowing a gasket!


For all of my supplies, I went to good ole’ Hobby Lobby  and picked up a few boxes of various sized clear ornaments, fillers,  and all of my spray paints. Thanks to their amazing sales, I got the ornaments 50% off and the paints 30% off! I decided that for my red ornaments, I was going to simply fill some of the larger ones with tinsel, and put some fun gold glitter in the rest. That’s where the handy dandy 40% off coupon came in,  so I had a discount on literally everything I purchased (SCORE). It can be really tricky spray painting the exterior of an ornament (Lord help), due to the overall coverage and color inconsistencies, especially when you’re working with white, but it didn’t take me very long to get everything covered evenly. While the black, white and gold ornaments were drying, I worked on filling the larger ornaments and then just spray painted their silver caps gold. Instead of hooks for my ornaments, I used my favorite black and natural jute twine, as well as some extra white ribbons I had lying around.


Once all of the ornaments were ready to go, Jay and I went crazy on the tree! I absolutely love how everything turned out and think that these ornaments complement the ones we already had so well. Something else that I was pretty proud of this year was our tree topper! I could not find what I was looking for anywhere and tree toppers can be so pricey in general, so I decided to do that myself, as well. I stopped by HomeGoods one afternoon and came across a large, silver and sparkly star ornament. It was just the right size and style I wanted for our tree (and it was only $3)! So I just used some of the extra gold spray paint I had and voila, the perfect topper!


Even if you don’t consider yourself to be much of an artist or if you’re just not that into DIY’s, this really is such an easy way to make decorations of your own, and would also be a really fun family project! I know that this is something that I would love for my husband and I to do as a tradition with our future kids. Thank you all so much for reading! I hope that this project gets your creative juices flowing and your hearts full of Christmas cheer. Only 20 more days until Christmas, people! EEP!




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