In April I had the opportunity to visit Magnolia (again) for Spring At The Silos and it was a hoot! Pretty much all of my absolute favorite vendors were there and it took everything in me not to come home with at least one of everything. I called it quits after snagging my darling Nora hat from Gigi Pip and new favorite beach towel/throw from Suay Threads, but one of things I was obsessing over all day, was the gorgeous jewelry some of the vendors were selling!

I’ve been wanting a staple necklace to add to my wardrobe, that’ll easily pair with my outfits and add that final, perfect pop of color. As much as I wanted to purchase some of the necklaces I was drooling over at the Silos, I determined that I would just make one myself and save the money. And I’m so glad I did, because this necklace was so much fun to make and I loved being able to determine exactly what colors and style I wanted!

If you’re like me, looking for some unique jewelry to add to your collection, but don’t have much of a budget to work with, this super easy DIY is for you, my friend, and will be your go to piece of jewelry all summer long! A super cute necklace that you made all by your creative self and that’s under $20?!? You’re welcome.


If you’re buying all of your supplies from Hobby Lobby like me, be sure to use the good ole’ 40% coupon on one of your items to save you even more money! 

  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors


Pick the amount and size variations of beads you’d like to use for your necklace. I played it safe and painted a bunch just in case I wanted to add more than I was planning. Plus, it’s always fun to have more options and colors to choose from when you’re done!


Choose your paint colors and get to work! It’s fun to mix colors and is also a money saver, so that you don’t have to buy a ton of paint. Think about what some of your favorite colors are and which ones make sense to include. For me, I wanted a balance of deep, bright and rich, so I painted a variety of each and narrowed down my final selections from there. I also added abstract designs to some of the beads, so if you wanna be adventurous, knock yourself out!


Let em’ dry! Drink some coffee, skim through the Magnolia Journal (because who isn’t reading or loving those right now?!) get some fresh air or catch up on a favorite show while you wait! I left mine alone overnight, just to play it safe. You’ll also want to flip them over at some point to make sure that they aren’t sticking to the surface you’re drying them on, which will make the paint scrape off.


Now it’s time to make your necklace! Decide how long or short you want the length to be and cut the thread accordingly. Slip your thread through the bead holes, based on how you want them situated and then tie a small, tight knot with the ends.

And there you have it, my friends! A perfect, simple necklace that will be sure to make a statement with all of your pretty summer dresses and blouses! I just love how this looks with my Black Red Stripe Dress from Ashley Lemieux and can’t wait to wear it with other outfits.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog and if you give this a try, I would love to see and hear how yours turned out! Please let me know in the comments and be sure to tag me in a post if you share a pic of it on your social media.

Happy summer, folks!







Last year, I asked a huge favor of my sweet, beautiful and talented grandma Harris. I have seen her make so many gorgeous clothes throughout my life and for whatever reason, have never asked her to make me any! So when my grandparents asked me what I wanted for Christmas last year, I knew exactly what to ask for. A pretty floral dress!

In September, I was able to visit my grandparents in Illinois and we went shopping for some fabric! I had THE hardest time narrowing down the style/pattern I wanted (my poor grandpa probably wanted to blow his brains out because of how long it was taking for me to make up my mind, bless his heart!), and when I did find something I liked, there wasn’t enough fabric available for it (story of my life). The process was so much fun though! We sat looking at catalogs for what seemed like hours and I even had my grandpa give his style expertise as to which fabric he liked best (sorry I didn’t go with your favorite, gramps!). Finally, I came across this gorgeous, black, floral fabric and just fell in love with it. I’m a sucker for a black dress in general, but throw some pretty florals in the mix and I go crazy!

I showed my grandma several examples of different styles I liked for the dress and I am still blown away by how perfectly she designed it. Initially I was wanting something longer and more flowy, but after finding this fabric, I decided to go a different, more classy route with the design.  My grandma made this dress without having the luxuries of me nearby to try it on or to help with the process. But she’s a pro, because it only took one small adjustment to get it where it needed to be. And folks, it is absolutely gorgeous! She left the waist wider because I told her that I had a brown leather belt that I thought would look good with the dress and it was definitely the perfect finishing touch! I knew that I wanted to save this beauty to wear for Easter. It just screams spring, and I’ve been over here counting down the months til I get to show it off!

One of these days, I hope to be able to spend a whole lot more time than I do now with my grandparents and have my grandma teach me her sewing ways. I would absolutely love to make some of my own clothes, as well as clothes for my future kiddos, and if I’m going to learn from anybody, I want it to be her! With the busyness of the holidays and how distant all of our family is from each other, it’s almost impossible to get any quality time with anyone once we’re all together. So to have that special day with my grandparents, just the three of us, meant so much and I’ll cherish those memories for the rest of my life. Thank you grandma for all of the time, love, and hard work you put into making my gorgeous Easter dress! I could not be any more obsessed with it.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I hope you all have a lovely Easter with your families.

Oh, and Happy Spring!







With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it was only fitting to kick off the month of love with these stylish and oh so comfy “Love Is Spoken Here” shirts, designed by my incredibly talented friend, Kimberly Alsheimer! Kimmy is the founder of Drift Design Co. and she’s literally the BEST of the best when it comes to all things graphic design, art and handlettering! Collaborating with her on the blog today was a no brainer for me. I genuinely love and admire every single thing this girl does and these beauties are no exception!


My favorite thing about these shirts is the message they promote and how eye catching they are (Kimmy handlettered the text herself and it is so unique and gorgeous)! In the world we live in today, there’s a whole lot of hatred, discord and hopelessness. So much negativity surrounds us on a regular basis and it can very discouraging and overwhelming at times. But when we fight against the negativity, extending kindness, grace, and compassion towards those around us, it is not only life giving to us, but it can have such a tremendous impact on others. I don’t know about you, but I am constantly in need of the reminder that my life is not my own, and that it belongs to God. If I will just fully submit to His will, He can use my imperfect mess of a person, to bless others and to bring Him ultimate glory. So whenever I wear this shirt, it reminds me to always speak in love, share the hope I have in Christ and to be a safe place for broken people.


Another thing I love about these shirts is that they are SO comfortable! They’re made with soft triblend heather fabrication, so basically they’re legit and you’ll want to wear them all the time because of how amazing they feel. I also love the fact that there are two different versions of this design available! I’m always looking for ways that my hubby and I can match, without it being too matchy matchy and weird. So the unisex black on grey tee (that my handsome hunk is modeling for you all so well) and the ladies white on grey tee, give us both a bit of differentiation when we wear them. I personally think that these would make fantastic Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day gifts, so I wanted to get them up on the blog as quick as possible so that you all can snag one before it’s too late!


If we are all being honest, we know that it can be pretty darn difficult at times to live a life of love towards others. It isn’t easy and can sometimes be exhausting. But praise God for His unending faithfulness to equip us with the strength and genuine desire to love, as we fix our eyes on Him and pursue His will fully. He is the only hope we have for treating others in the best way and He is the true and only hope we can give to others, as we show them kindness and speak to them in love.


So how about we share lots of love today and let’s make a difference in this world? Sound good to you?! And speaking of sending love, be sure to love on my girl Kimmy today! Whether you grab one of these awesome shirts, a stunning art piece or just send some encouragement  her way, I know she would really appreciate it so much. You can find her on Instagram @driftdesignco

And as far as the rest of my outfit goes:  Black skinny jeans, leopard boyfriend cardigan and booties are all from Target, my gold handbag is Fossil, my glasses are from EyeBuyDirect and my jewelry is from Forever21.  Thanks so much for reading! 

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. 8 Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love. 9 In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him. 10 In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins. 11 Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.12 No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God abides in us and his love is perfected in us.

– 1 John 4:7-12




Early last month, I received a random email from a shoe company in Manhattan, New York,  called Talaria Flats. I was asked  if I would be interested in collaborating with their brand, which was really exciting for me! However, being that I knew nothing about the business, nor their quality of shoe, I wasn’t sure if it would be something I’d be interested in promoting. But after inquiring further and finding out that the shoes were ballet flats (which I’ve never owned or worn), I became very curious to try them on and see how comfortable they were. So I decided that I would give them a shot. If I loved them, swell! But if I wasn’t a fan, I would just kindly send them back and decline.


I remember the day that I got them in the mail, so very anxious to try them on and to see how they looked in person. Before even seeing the shoes, I was already a pretty big fan, because of the cute little gold pouch that they came in. Ya’ll,  I am not even kidding when I tell you that these flats are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn in my life. I was completely blown away by how wonderful they felt to walk in and how adorable they were! The color that I went with was the Premium Champagne, because I love me a champagne/gold combo and I don’t have any shoes in that color. At first I was a bit nervous about going with this shade, because I wasn’t sure whether they’d be too sparkly and/or obnoxious for my taste, but they really exceeded my expectations! Besides the comfort factor, which is HUGE (can I get an amen, ladies?!)  I just love how much of a statement the flats make with my outfits, but without being too over the top. I wish that I would have known about these shoes before my wedding, because they would have matched our color scheme perfectly and my bridesmaids would have been SO comfortable in them all day! Unfortunately, I had to put them in the most uncomfortable heels and they were miserable. Those heels were the only ones I could find that matched our colors, but if I would have known about Talaria, we definitely would have gone this route instead!


I honestly cannot say enough great things about these shoes and want all of my girlfriends to own a pair! I actually went online and bought another pair in Premium Black, because I was so happy with the Champagne flats. It was really exciting finding a black flat that is both stylish and comfy, because I’ve needed a pair for so long and have struggled  to find some that meet both needs. And since the black pair is so versatile, I will probably wear them with just about everything! Talaria has several different colors to choose from: Silver, Champagne, Black and White. It’s a fact that you need these shoes in your life and that you will love them!

As far as the rest of my outfit goes, this black on white combo is from none other than the amazing Target! If you know me, you’re pretty aware that I am a huge fan of black and white. I love that it’s simple, but classy and that you can basically pair anything you want with the two colors. My black on white Woven Top is from the WhoWhatWear Collection and my Black Mid-Rise Skinny jeans are from the Mossimo collection. By the by, Target jeans are what’s up and I cannot believe that I didn’t own any before now. I currently have two pairs, both being my most favorite pairs of jeans!  They fit my body type so well and the quality is very impressive. Thanks to the Cartwheel app (which I am completely obsessed with and save LOADS of money using), I received a 25% off discount when I bought my jeans and they were already buy one get one 50% off in the store! Talk about a bargain! So be sure that you keep your eyes peeled for those major discounts instead of paying regular price, which I strive never to do.


This combination of black, white and gold is my usual go to, but I also enjoy adding fun pops of color to my wardrobe. With it being the beautiful month of October, I added a festive, Classic V-Neck Cardigan from F21 in Chestnut, to spice things up! Also pictured is my go to accessory, a simple Gold Charm Necklace, also from F21, that I basically wear with everything! It always adds the perfect touch to my outfits, whether they be dress casual or fancy fancy. My purse is a gorgeous brown leather equestrian handbag from Dooney & Bourke! I can’t get over the quality of these bags and how stylish they are. I’m a sucker for brown leather, because it looks great with pretty much anything! I am realizing, though,  that most of my bags are this color, so I might need to branch out and try something new. You can never have too many cute handbags, right?!

I hope this blog gives you your fashion fix for the day and has introduced you to and/or provided you with more information on some amazing pieces of clothing! Keep up with my styling/product tips on Instagram @thelowlylife, and stay tuned for more content on the blog. Thanks so much for reading!






Alright, ladies! You requested it, so here it is. I have been asked by numerous women about how I curl my hair, which I find hilarious, because I really don’t do anything too special to it.  Regardless, I am more than happy to share some tips with you all and hope that you find them helpful and can apply them to your hair styling routine! I have been loving the stage that my hair is in, because the length is fairly the same all over and it makes it super easy to manage and style. I haven’t been curling my hair this way for too long, but since I started, I’ve become obsessed. A couple of years ago, I chopped a good chunk of my hair off and wasn’t able to do a ton with it, so once it all started to grow back, I began messing around with my curling iron more regularly. My hair, in general, is very easy to work with, but because of how fine it is, I rarely like to wear it straight. This easy, curly hairstyle, provides me with both the volume and body I want.

One of the main questions that I have been asked, is what I use to curl my hair. Well folks, prepare to be amazed, because I simply use a Revlon Perfect Heat 1-¼” Iron, that I’ve had for several years (can’t even remember how long)  and it’s been the trooper of all curling irons! Seriously, I am amazed that this thing is still kicking after all this time and would highly recommend it, if you’re looking to get a new styling tool. It’s perfect for creating those full bodied curls you want! Now, let’s get started.



Give your hair a good brushing over and part it how you want. Since my bangs have grown out and because of the shape of my face, I like to part my hair slightly off to the side. After this, I divide my hair into two large chunks and put one side up in a hair tie, to make the curling process easier and more precise.





Growing up, whenever I used a curling iron, I would always curl my hair inward for some reason and it never turned out the way I wanted. I know this isn’t rocket science and there’s only so many ways you can use a curling iron, but I started curling my hair away from my face and it worked wonders! I’m not sure what your method is and it’s kind of difficult to explain this on a blog, but just be sure that when you’re curling your hair, you clasp it from the top, make your way towards the middle and begin curling outward, working your way all the way to the end of the strand and hold the curl for several seconds. Loosely unwind the iron from the curl. Repeat this step until you’ve got a head full of luscious curls.




Once I have curled my entire head, I lightly run my fingers through some of the front curls, to loosen them up a bit. I always, always, always, do a head flip before spraying my hair. This helps to loosen up the the overall style and gives my hair more volume and body. After I do the ole’ flipparoo, I fluff up my hair a bit and get it back in place.



I don’t know about you guys, but my hair has a pretty hard time holding curl for lengthy periods, so I always go for a heavy duty hairspray, that will help me maintain it as long as I can. Whatever hair product you like best, spray it generously, lightly fluffing your head of curls from underneath. And presto!


Well, I hope that this was somehow helpful or useful to you all! I am always shocked and flattered, whenever I receive a compliment on my hair, so it was even more flattering when I was asked to share some of my tips and tricks on my blog. Thanks for reading and good luck with your lovely locks!