In April I had the opportunity to visit Magnolia (again) for Spring At The Silos and it was a hoot! Pretty much all of my absolute favorite vendors were there and it took everything in me not to come home with at least one of everything. I called it quits after snagging my darling Nora hat from Gigi Pip and new favorite beach towel/throw from Suay Threads, but one of things I was obsessing over all day, was the gorgeous jewelry some of the vendors were selling!

I’ve been wanting a staple necklace to add to my wardrobe, that’ll easily pair with my outfits and add that final, perfect pop of color. As much as I wanted to purchase some of the necklaces I was drooling over at the Silos, I determined that I would just make one myself and save the money. And I’m so glad I did, because this necklace was so much fun to make and I loved being able to determine exactly what colors and style I wanted!

If you’re like me, looking for some unique jewelry to add to your collection, but don’t have much of a budget to work with, this super easy DIY is for you, my friend, and will be your go to piece of jewelry all summer long! A super cute necklace that you made all by your creative self and that’s under $20?!? You’re welcome.


If you’re buying all of your supplies from Hobby Lobby like me, be sure to use the good ole’ 40% coupon on one of your items to save you even more money! 

  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors


Pick the amount and size variations of beads you’d like to use for your necklace. I played it safe and painted a bunch just in case I wanted to add more than I was planning. Plus, it’s always fun to have more options and colors to choose from when you’re done!


Choose your paint colors and get to work! It’s fun to mix colors and is also a money saver, so that you don’t have to buy a ton of paint. Think about what some of your favorite colors are and which ones make sense to include. For me, I wanted a balance of deep, bright and rich, so I painted a variety of each and narrowed down my final selections from there. I also added abstract designs to some of the beads, so if you wanna be adventurous, knock yourself out!


Let em’ dry! Drink some coffee, skim through the Magnolia Journal (because who isn’t reading or loving those right now?!) get some fresh air or catch up on a favorite show while you wait! I left mine alone overnight, just to play it safe. You’ll also want to flip them over at some point to make sure that they aren’t sticking to the surface you’re drying them on, which will make the paint scrape off.


Now it’s time to make your necklace! Decide how long or short you want the length to be and cut the thread accordingly. Slip your thread through the bead holes, based on how you want them situated and then tie a small, tight knot with the ends.

And there you have it, my friends! A perfect, simple necklace that will be sure to make a statement with all of your pretty summer dresses and blouses! I just love how this looks with my Black Red Stripe Dress from Ashley Lemieux and can’t wait to wear it with other outfits.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog and if you give this a try, I would love to see and hear how yours turned out! Please let me know in the comments and be sure to tag me in a post if you share a pic of it on your social media.

Happy summer, folks!








Finally! My most favorite time of year has arrived and our home has been full of nothing but Christmas music, movies, baking and decorating ever since. We’ve also been keeping real busy lately working on some fun, holiday DIY projects for our home. One of those projects being the ornaments for our tree. I knew that I wanted to make them myself this year, because I had a specific style and color combo in mind. Months ago my hubby and I were wandering around IKEA (Yes, lots of our date nights consist of walking around IKEA daydreaming) and I spotted some solid black ornaments. I loved their simple, classic look and knew that was the route I wanted to go for our tree this year, with white and gold too, of course. But as much as I love my black, white and gold combos, I just have to have some red in my house around Christmastime. I love the traditional pairing of deep reds and greens together, and how warm and cozy my home feels when I incorporate them here and there. So I decided to use all of these colors for our tree, along with the unique ornaments that my husband and I have collected over the years. I had contemplated a number of ideas for these ornaments initially, such as painting designs or lettering my favorite Christmas lyrics and quotes on them, but I really just wanted to keep it simple, clean and classy this year. Which I’m really glad about, because life has been seriously cray over here and I just could not have made the time to do more than that without blowing a gasket!


For all of my supplies, I went to good ole’ Hobby Lobby  and picked up a few boxes of various sized clear ornaments, fillers,  and all of my spray paints. Thanks to their amazing sales, I got the ornaments 50% off and the paints 30% off! I decided that for my red ornaments, I was going to simply fill some of the larger ones with tinsel, and put some fun gold glitter in the rest. That’s where the handy dandy 40% off coupon came in,  so I had a discount on literally everything I purchased (SCORE). It can be really tricky spray painting the exterior of an ornament (Lord help), due to the overall coverage and color inconsistencies, especially when you’re working with white, but it didn’t take me very long to get everything covered evenly. While the black, white and gold ornaments were drying, I worked on filling the larger ornaments and then just spray painted their silver caps gold. Instead of hooks for my ornaments, I used my favorite black and natural jute twine, as well as some extra white ribbons I had lying around.


Once all of the ornaments were ready to go, Jay and I went crazy on the tree! I absolutely love how everything turned out and think that these ornaments complement the ones we already had so well. Something else that I was pretty proud of this year was our tree topper! I could not find what I was looking for anywhere and tree toppers can be so pricey in general, so I decided to do that myself, as well. I stopped by HomeGoods one afternoon and came across a large, silver and sparkly star ornament. It was just the right size and style I wanted for our tree (and it was only $3)! So I just used some of the extra gold spray paint I had and voila, the perfect topper!


Even if you don’t consider yourself to be much of an artist or if you’re just not that into DIY’s, this really is such an easy way to make decorations of your own, and would also be a really fun family project! I know that this is something that I would love for my husband and I to do as a tradition with our future kids. Thank you all so much for reading! I hope that this project gets your creative juices flowing and your hearts full of Christmas cheer. Only 20 more days until Christmas, people! EEP!






Saturday was my seester’s baby shower and I am so thankful that I was able to make it work to be here for it. I’ve missed out on pretty much her entire pregnancy with Lorien, due to living 26 stupid hours away from each other, so getting to come home for a couple of weeks to celebrate and be together has been really special for me. My niece will be here NEXT MONTH, people! I cannot even believe it’s almost time for her arrival. I wanted to make some homemade gifts for Lorien in time for the shower, so for the past couple of months I have been one busy bee!

My seester and brother in law are obsessed with LOTR! They are naming their daughter Lorien, after Lothlorien, which was the kingdom of the elves in Middle Earth. They have incorporated LOTR into many parts of their lives, their home and now in Lorien’s nursery. I wanted to create accents that would compliment how they’ve decorated thus far, so I first made a canvas with one of their favorite quotes from The Hobbit, using deep reds and vibrant golds. I also made a handlettered, hand painted banner for the shower, that they could also use to decorate Lorien’s room, as well. Most of all, though, I really had my heart set on building something special with my husband for our future niece. He is so talented and makes gorgeous stuff for me all of the time, so I thought it would be fun to build something fun and practical for Lorien, I just wasn’t exactly sure what it was going to be at first. 

Earlier this year, I came across a darling idea from The Merry Thought’s blog for a DIY Wooden Baby Gym and I immediately knew that I wanted to do something very similar to it for Lorien. Thankfully, I have the most amazing husband who helps me with any and all woodworking projects (or any projects for that matter), so we gathered the materials needed and began the process of building! We made a few adjustments to the design of this baby gym for Lorien, but nothing too crazy. We first decided to use oak instead of pine wood, based off of  personal preference and durability. We also decided to stain the wood, using a color tone that blended well with my seester and brother in law’s home, plus, who doesn’t love a rich, dark stain? Can I get an amen?!








After cutting, sanding and staining the wood, all that was left was to assemble and decorate the baby gym! I absolutely loved the simplicity of this design and the fact that it folds up, can be easily compartmentalized and transported. I hope that this little labor of love will be a source of entertainment and sheer joy for our niece. It’s been very difficult, to say the least, not being here for my seester and helping her during the pregnancy, but it’s been even more difficult just thinking about the distance and disconnect that they’ll be between me and Lorien. I don’t really know how I’ll be able to handle it really, but doing little things like this for her have been a big help for me during this time and I hope and pray that Lorien feels dearly loved by her aunt and uncle, no matter how far away we are from her. Thanks again to The Merry Thought for this brilliant idea and thank you all for reading! 



My husband and I absolutely love having people in our home. There is just something so special and intimate about bringing people into your very own space and not only getting to serve them, but also deepen your relationship with them. For me, it doesn’t get much better than to have a group of friends over, relaxing on the couch and enjoying some good coffee and conversation. One of the problems I always seem to  run into whenever we have guests over, is not having enough coasters for people to put their drinks on. When my husband and I were on our honeymoon in the Adirondacks, almost 3 years ago, we brought back a unique set of 4 coasters with us and never bought more after that.  Now I know this may sound silly and not seem like  a big deal, but when majority of your furniture is wooden (and most of it has been handcrafted by your super talented husband), you can be a bit paranoid about damaging it.


One day I was making my usual weekly stop at Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things and came across a package of 4×4 canvas panels. The minute I laid my eyes on these bad boys, I decided to make some DIY coasters with them! I ended up buying a couple packages because I wasn’t sure how many I wanted to make.  I also picked up some water-resistant, acrylic gloss coating to finish off the panels, in order to protect their design. When I got them home I decided that I’d start with 5 and just make some more later if necessary. For my coasters, I wanted to go with a simple, abstract design for each one, using black and white (my faves!) as the color scheme. This DIY is inexpensive ( under $10, people!), so easy and so fun! I loved being able make my own set, using colors and designs that best suited our home. 



  • White 4×4 Canvas Panels
  • Acrylic paints
  • Clear acrylic gloss coating (I purchased the Tree House Studio brand)


Just slop on some paint, allow it to dry,  finish off your work with the gloss coating and BOOM! You’re all set for your next big gathering and all the beverages your house can hold. The fumes of the gloss coating are very strong, so I highly recommend spraying your panels outdoors. The coating dries within minutes so you won’t have to wait too long to give your new coasters a test run!   If you tried this project and liked it (or hated it), I’d love to hear all about it. If you need me, I’ll just be over here sipping on some fresh squeezed strawberry mint lemonade, celebrating the fact that it’s finally the weekend. Thanks so much for reading!



Alright guys, it’s official. I am, without a doubt,  married to the most incredible man on the planet. It never ceases to amaze me, how selfless, loving, hardworking and crazy talented my husband is. We live on a pretty tight budget, so when it comes to decorating our home, or needing/replacing a piece of furniture, we always try to save money and do anything we can ourselves, rather than dishing out hundreds of dollars for store bought items. Basically, every piece of furniture that we have in our home, Jay has built and every piece has turned out so beautifully.  

The one thing that we’ve really been in need of, is a kitchen table. We absolutely love hosting people, so it’s been interesting having friends over for dinner and not being able to sit together at a table. I knew that I wanted some sort of farmhouse table, with a unique, modern flare and we finally got around to sketching out ideas for it. Once we decided on what we wanted, Jay picked up all of the supplies and got to work. Within no time at all, he built me the most gorgeous and perfect table that I’ve ever seen! For real, ya’ll, this table is absolutely stunning, I still can’t get over it.  I liked the idea and style of industrial, metal dining chairs to accompany to table, but they can be so expensive and I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to find some within our price range. So my brilliant husband came up with an idea that was a huge game changer! He suggested  that we could purchase two of the chairs I was wanting, for one side of the table (which we got an AMAZING deal on, I might add! Glory to God in the highest!) and that he could  build a bench that matched the table, on the other side. Not only did we save tons of money by doing this, but I ended up loving his idea far more than what I had originally wanted! Even though we aren’t in our own house yet, we have been designing and decorating with the future in mind. When we were going over the plans for our table, I could picture it in the home that I know we’ll have some day, making me all giddy inside. There is something so special and intimate about being able to fill your space with things that you have created. I could not be more proud of Jay and the end result of this amazing piece!

Today on the blog, Jay and I wanted to share a step by step guide with you all, for this gorgeous and inexpensive (under $100, people!!!) farmhouse table, in case any of you are interested in building something similar to it for your home. It blows my mind how much money you can save on DIY projects. Hopefully, we can help you save some money, as well! 


  • 2 – 2x10x10 (Jay used pine for everything) 
  • 4 – 2x3x8 
  • 2 – 2x4x8
  •  1 – 2x8x8
  • 1 qt – All American Minwax Stain
  • 1 qt – Minwax Satin Polyurethane
  • 3 Cans – Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray Paint
  • 1 Pack – Form Staining Pads
  • 13ft – 3/8 Steel Cable
  • 8 – 3/8 Cable Clamps
  • 8 – 1 1/4 Eye Screws
  • 1 Box (50 count) – 2 1/2 Kreg Jig Screws
  • 4 – 1 1/2 Angle brackets


  • Screw Gun
  • Circle Hand Saw and/or Miter Saw
  • Electric Hand Sander
  • Clamps
  • Kreg Jig


STEP #1: Sketch It Out & Cut The Lumber

Jay starts every one of his projects, by drawing a rough diagram of how he’s wanting it to look. Then he measures the area where the piece of furniture is going to be, in order to determine the dimensions. Occasionally, as he gets further into a project, he’ll run into a roadblock and decide the item needs to be built differently, either to add strength or style.

Here’s the cut list for the wood (feel free to change this if your kitchen or dining space needs are different).

Cut List:


  • 4 – 2x10x55
  • 4 – 2x3x23
  • 4 – 2x3x27
  • 2 – 2x4x44


  • 2 – 2x8x38
  • 4 – 2x3x10.5
  • 4 – 2x3x13
  • 2 – 2x4x30



STEP #2: Screw Everything In Place

Once all of the lumber is cut, you can screw everything together. Jay started with the top of the table. He carefully selected the best sides of each piece to display on the top and which pieces he wanted placed next to each other. When you’re using rough framing/stud lumber, you have to be careful to make sure that the pieces fit together well. This is important  if you don’t have access to a jointer or planer, because the wood can be uneven, or have slight bends/twists, making it difficult for the surface to be completely flat. Once everything is picked out, use the Kreg Jig to screw your boards together (Jay put in 4 screws to each joint). A combination of clamps were used,  to make sure each board was horizontally level with the next board. A longer clamp was used, to make sure that  the joints between the boards were as tight as possible.

This is the same process for the top of the bench. The bench is basically built as a micro version of the table, almost identical in its design, just smaller. The top uses the 2x8x38’s. After choosing the best sides, use your Kreg Jig and clamps to screw it in nice and tight. 

Next, put together the leg structure. The 27” 2×3’s are for the top and bottom of the leg structure. This is done so that the vertical legs are able to rest on them, similar to how a wall is built. This allows the base and top to be completely flat and it also absorbs a lot of the weight/stress, that will be put on it. For the vertical legs, use the 23 1/2″ 2×3’s. Build both leg boxes and connect them with both 2x4x44’s. Jay used Kreg Jig joints for all of these, as he has found them to be some of the strongest.

For the bench, 2x3x10.5’s were used as the base and top of the box and the 2x3x13’s were used as the vertical legs. He connected them to each other with the 2x4x30’s. For the bench frame, a combination of Kreg Jig joints and standard joints were used.





STEP #3: Sand, Stain & Paint

The next step is to sand, stain, paint and polyurethane the wood. Jay used a hand sander to get the whole structure nice and smooth. Once it has been sanded down, begin staining the table and bench tops. Jay used just one coat of the Minwax stain on both sides of the tops. The stain was applied using a form staining pad – Jay prefers applying stain this way, because it gives you more control of how the stain goes on, almost never leaving a drip or streak. Once the stain is dry, you can apply 1-2 coats of polyurethane. For the leg structure, we applied two coats of metallic spray paint to make the wood look as close to metal as possible.


STEP #4: Attach The Tops To The Bases

Once all of the wood is how you like it, you can attach the top to the bases. For the table, center the top on the base and then attach it, using angle brackets. We chose to do this, so that the top of the table is easy to detach if needed.  Also, angle brackets give the wood a little bit of leeway, as the wood naturally moves over time.


STEP #5:  Attach Steel Cable

Now that everything is put together, you can attach the steel cable. To do this, Jay drilled holes for the eye screws, in the corner of each leg. Then, he screwed in the eye screws with pliers. Now that the eye bolts are in, you can run the cable through the loop and tighten down the clamps as necessary. And there you have it, folks! A beautiful and inexpensive farmhouse table!



Every time I look at our table, I just want to weep. My husband pours so much love and care into every single project and always does such an outstanding job. I am blessed beyond what I deserve to be this man’s wife and thank God everyday for giving me someone that loves me so well and that makes such pretty things for me! We hope that this was helpful to any of you, looking to get your hands dirty and design your own table and that you all loved the finished product. Thanks for reading!





So, yesterday was Mother’s Day and folks, let me tell you, there was a whole lot of celebrating going on over here!  I have been truly blessed with the most amazing, gorgeous, hilarious, kind, hard working, strong and brave momma, in the entire world. Not only that, but God has given me the absolute best grandmothers and mother-in-law that a girl could ask for. These women have all had such a tremendous impact on my life and I could not  be more thankful that we are family. Their lives are such beautiful examples of what godly, virtuous women should be and I hope to be more like them, as I get older.

This year, Mother’s Day was extra, extra special, because my sister is pregnant with her first child! Ya’ll don’t even know how giddy I am to be the auntie of my future niece or nephew (*squeeling and dancing obnoxiously*)!  Unfortunately, I was unable to spend yesterday with any of my family, which was a huge bummer. It’s always hard being miles upon miles apart from each other, but it’s around special times like this, that it becomes even more difficult for me. Since we couldn’t be together and I was missing them all terribly, I decided that I wanted to do something special for everyone, I just wasn’t 100 percent sure what that would be.  


Ages ago, I was picking up some craft supplies at good ole’ Hobby Lobby and came across a box of blank Strathmore Watercolor Cards. I’m pretty obsessed with watercolor in general, so when I laid eyes on these babies, I fell in love.  I knew that I would want to use them for something in the near future, so I went ahead and snagged them. A couple weeks prior to Mother’s Day, when I was feeling all homesick and sad, I remembered that I had these cards and immediately came up with the idea, to design some Mother’s Day cards. Handmade, custom cards, that expressed to these women, what they mean to me and how grateful I am for them. So, I set aside some time, a couple of nights after work and designed them, crossing my fingers that I could get them finished, sent out and delivered, just in time. Thank Jehovah, I was able to get them all  done (without too many mess ups, or do overs, I might add) and they were delivered safe and sound. This DIY project is simple, inexpensive and is perfect for any occasion. Why spend $5 on one card, when you can buy a box of blank cards for just a couple bucks more and create something unique and personal yourself?! This box came with 10 cards and envelopes, so I still have some leftover and will be able to use them for something else later! Another great thing about these cards, is that you are able to design a text-free cover, so that whoever you give them to, is able to frame it as a little piece of art for their home. I enjoyed doing these so much! There really is something so therapeutic to me about picking up a paintbrush, with nothing particular in mind and just going at it. I still have so much to learn when it comes to art, but I enjoy it so very much and loved being able to incorporate it into these little gifts.


To my mom and to all of the other beautiful mothers out there,  thank you for everything that you do. Thank you for the source of encouragement that you are, the strength that you possess and the love that you give. You are appreciated so much more than you know!