I recently met Tessa, the owner and Illustrator of Fox & Bear Paper Co., through The Rising Tide Society. I absolutely loved her unique, darling style and was so excited when she asked to collaborate! I think what I love most about Tessa’s work, is that it’s just plain fun. It takes me back to my childhood, as silly that sounds, and every piece puts a huge smile on my face. I’m a pretty big fan of animals, so when I first laid eyes on all of her charming cards and prints, I just had to have some of them!


I knew that I wanted some of her greeting cards, because you can never have too many of those lying around, but a few of her lovely cards in particular stood out the most to me! I always call my dad Papa Bear and Tessa had two of the sweetest cards for dad that were bear themed in her shop. I’ve always loved picking out cards, finding or designing the perfect one for the amazing people in my life, and the one I chose for my dad could not be more perfect! I can’t wait to give it to him for Father’s Day this year. I was also able to snag a cute Ewe themed Mother’s Day card for my momma (Sorry mom and dad if you see these early!) that I absolutely loved. My other favorite  was the I Really Love Dogs card, because it looks just like my little guy, Toby and because I really, REALLY love dogs!


The next thing I picked was the Hobbit Hole print, because my seester and brother in law are the biggest Hobbit/Lord Of The Rings fans on earth and have majority of their home decorated with some sort of Lord Of The Rings theme in mind. My seester gave birth to my adorable niece, Lorien Grace (Lorien comes from Lothlorien, the kingdom of the elves in LOTR) a few months ago and is decorating her room Hobbit themed, so I knew she would just love this print for Lorien’s space.


And lastly, I just had to get Tessa’s super cute Watering Check-List! Not only is this check list adorable, but it will help remind you to keep your plants alive, which I know I could use a time or two! It’s my dream to have a little garden of my own at our future house someday, and I know that I will definitely put this list to better use when that time comes. But for now, I’ll use it to keep up with watering the few plants that I have and daydream about that future garden of mine, full of some of my favorite flowers, veggies, herbs and succulents!

Fox & Bear Paper Co.  is currently on a little break, but her shop will be opening again early April, and you do not want to miss out on some of the amazing products this girl has up for grabs! One product of hers that I hope to eventually purchase and just adore, is her custom family portrait illustrations. They are so darn cute and I can already envision one of my hubby, our fluffy pup and I hanging on our wall. Tessa does an incredible job of meeting the needs of her clients and giving them the style and designs they’re looking for. Make her day and send some major love to her on her Instagram feed, where you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of some more of the beautiful work she does! You can start your wishlist now and then go crazy once her shop opens back up in April!


Thanks so much for reading, now I’m gonna go and water my plants!