I don’t know about you guys, but this time of year is my absolute FAVORITE and I just get so excited when it finally comes around!

Thanksgiving is a holiday I always look forward to, I mean, who doesn’t look forward to a day that gives us all an excuse to stuff our faces with yummy food non stop?! But my most favorite part about this time of year is when the Christmas season rolls in. I get weepy just thinking about it. The music (which I’ll talk more about a bit later because I’ve got a fun little Christmas playlist for ya!), the movies, the decorations, the snow (please, God!), cozy nights by the fire, gift giving..I could go on!

But so much more than any of that, I love that this time of year helps us bring back into focus the greatest and most beautiful point in our history. When Jesus Christ came to this fallen world to save and redeem it. He lowered himself beyond comprehension and was willing to leave the throne of Heaven to dwell among us, living the perfect and blameless life before God that we never could. His all surpassing love for us, drove Him to come to a sick world, dying for the sin and wretchedness that permeated it, giving us the gift of salvation and fellowship with God. Because of Christ’s coming, we have a lasting, eternal hope. We have been fought for and forgiven and I love that the Christmas season gives us another opportunity to meditate on and rejoice in that very truth.

Last week my friend Kimmy Alsheimer, of Drift Design Co., told me that she was making an Advent calendar called Light Of The World  and asked if I would collaborate with her on it! I’ve never owned a wall hanging Advent calendar like this and absolutely loved the idea of having one hanging on our fireplace mantel, so saying yes was a no brainer!

When I tell you that this will be your new favorite Advent calendar, I truly mean that. Kimmy and her sister Amy worked hard together to create a stunning compilation of encouraging, challenging, inspiring, and lovely devotional cards for everyday of December, leading up to Christmas! Each card is unique, with tasteful designs, colors, text and themes. I love how well it blends with my home and compliments the fireplace (Side note: I snagged those cute stockings from Chip & Jo’s Hearth & Hand collection and am completely obsessed with them! other side note: My hubby and I made that pretty wooden art piece above the fireplace last year and couldn’t be more proud of it. Hopefully next year we’ll have time to make more and sell them)! Christmas decorations can be so vibrant and colorful, which is fun but also a little intense, so I love that this calendar tones things down and brings balance to it all. But aside from the aesthetics of it, I am really looking forward to just diving into each day of Advent, reflecting on the purpose of the season in a new, fun way with this calendar.

I wanted to get the calendar up on the blog ASAP because everyone needs to snag one of these beauties just in time for December 1st!  And Kimmy has a special discount code for all you blog readers! You can use the THELOWLYLIFE (the link attached will automatically add the discount to your cart!) at checkout for 15% off your purchase. The discount expires December 1st so get a move on people! And for a few bucks extra, Kimmy will hook you up with the supplies (twine + clothespins) you need to hang your calendar up. Hooray!

Now, back to the Christmas music! I wanted to share with you guys a fun Christmas playlist I’ve been working on this month. It’s a complete and total mish mash of some of my most favorite artists and Christmas songs! So if you’re looking for some new tunes and enjoy listening to a variety (and I mean a huge variety) of Christmas music, look no further my friends. You can find my playlist called Christmas Cheer over on Spotify, with a picture of Toby playing in the snow, looking as cute as ever. Just hit shuffle and you’ll be all set with about 25 hours worth of holiday musical goodness!

Thank you all so much for checking out the blog today. I hope and pray that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and get to celebrate  it with the ones you love (and that you eat all the glorious food you can possibly cram into your body)! Don’t forget to grab one of these gorgeous Advent calendars for you and your family to enjoy this holiday season and be sure to use that promo code for that nifty discount.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

Happy Fall, friends! Welp, it’s been a hot second since I was last on the blog, but when life (crazy, CRAZY life) happens, you just have to take a major step back sometimes and rest awhile. We have gone through some big  transitions these past couple months and are currently enjoying a very new and exciting chapter! So I finally wanted to sit down and give everyone a big ole’ update on us.

For those of you who don’t know, Jay and I recently moved from Austin, TX all the way to Atlanta, GA in September. We had been in prayer and discussion about this move for a long time, and were given the confirmation to go in August. One of the the big driving forces for us moving to this area was living near my family again and also being in a much closer proximity (closer, anyway) to the rest of our family and friends in surrounding states. We had prayed about relocating to a couple different areas, but had peace very quickly that this was where we were supposed to be. Jay and I both work remotely, so we were blessed with the ability to move within a very short period of time and to have job security once we got down here. We are absolutely loving Georgia so far. And it’s kind of hilarious how excited and completely awestruck we were when we laid eyes on all the big, beautiful trees and hills out here. Talk about drop dead GORGEOUS!

As of November 1st,  we officially became HOMEOWNERS (No big deal, only been a dream of mine since forever) of the most beautiful first house we could have asked for, and are going on week two in our new place! It’s been a complete dream and we’re having so much fun fixing it up and making it our own (But to say that I have problems with making final decisions is a complete understatement and it’ll be a miracle if we have this place furnished 8 years from now at this rate. Jk…hopefully).

We’ve found a solid church in our town that we are really excited to connect with and be apart of, which is a huge answer to prayer! We’ve made new friends, done a fair amount of exploring so far and have just really been enjoying time with family. My parents have been SUCH a blessing to us since moving here, giving us a place to stay and feeding us while we hunted down a place to live. It’s surreal having them and my little bro so close to us now. We are so, so thankful!

I honestly don’t even think it’s fully sunk in for me yet, even after all that’s happened,  that we’re actually here. That Georgia is our new home. That all the prayers we’ve prayed and all the dreams we’ve had are coming to be. We are truly rejoicing in the undeserved goodness of God and all that He’s lavishing upon our lives right now.

Austin will forever hold such a special place in our hearts. So much growth, in every aspect of life, took place in us there. We made lifelong friendships, tried lots of new things, ate LOTS of good food and experienced such a sweet season with God. He pushed us to reach, dream, and hope for bigger. To trust Him with everything and in everything, when it truly seemed like our whole world was falling apart. He revealed himself in new, beautiful ways, which brought us into a deeper relationship with him and with each other. Jay and I experienced a great deal of heartache and confusion while we were in Austin, but God was so faithful and carried us through it all. He was always there strengthening and comforting, giving us the ability to better encourage, comfort and love each other.

It hardly ever makes sense why God does what He does, when He does, and what He chooses to use to grow us. But I promise you, friend,  there will never be a time that He can’t be trusted. Never will there be a moment that He isn’t faithful or good. His promises are true, His love is steadfast, His timing is perfect and His mercies are new with each new day. As the leaves continue to change, fall, and wither,  as Autumn continues welcoming the cold breezes and winter winds, as this beautiful season of harvest continues, may we come before our good and gracious Father with hearts full of gratitude. May we lift up our eyes and hearts in thanksgiving, entrusting Christ with our all, recognizing Him for who He is and for all He’s done.

Jay and I have a lot (alot alot alot alot) of big hopes, dreams and exciting plans for the coming months and we’re ready to embark on whatever that adventure looks like together. If you think to, please keep us in your prayers. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance alone to lead us, for our hearts to be ever turned towards Him, for our new home and neighborhood, that we can be a light and encouragement to the people around us, and for the new life in general that we’ve started here in Georgia.

Thank you so much for reading! Hopefully it won’t be coons age before you hear back from me on here again. Happy Monday, friends!

12 Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. 13 Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.14 And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity. 15 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. 16 Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts. 17 And whatever you do,whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

– Collossians 3:12-17


Okay, friends.

There’s this big fat lie that some of you are believing and it needs to stop right now. You know, that convincing lie that tells you that you aren’t creative and have nothing to bring to the table. This is something that has been SO heavy on my heart lately and I feel like I need to remind some of you lovely people just how amazing and truly creative YOU (yes, YOU) are!

I’ve been hearing so much these days, people being super hard on and blind to the greatness that’s within themselves. Maybe it’s because they can’t dance worth squat, or paint beautiful pieces of art, or cook exquisite meals, or carry a tune, or build things, or take “good”, “Instagram worthy” photos, or play an instrument…whatever the case may be! They compare the strengths and creativity of others with their own, quickly leaving feelings of discouragement, inadequacy and the sad belief that they have nothing legit to offer. But that’s the FARTHEST thing from the truth, friend, and if you’re one of those people, feeling like you aren’t creative or capable of creativity, you couldn’t be more wrong!

I feel like we do SUCH a good job of confining what creativity looks like into these little, specific boxes, and I think that social media has played a HUGE role in helping (hurting) us with this. We have endless access to other people’s lives, talents, successes and quickly beat ourselves down, discounting the good in our own lives, because of how different it looks from others. We turn a blind eye to the God given talents we possess, because they aren’t mind blowing, out of the norm, or something that’s super exciting to us. But here’s some good, factual news for your Friday: YOU are SO creative, YOU are SO special, YOU can make a difference with what you’ve been given, and long story short, YOU ARE ENOUGH.  There are so many ways that you are creative, you’re just not seeing them clearly!

It could be the way you tend to your home. That ability you have to keep things organized, clean, and looking so good. It could be the way you write. Through song, in a private journal, or a blog. Nobody writes like you do!  It could be in the way you parent your kids. Those games and crafts you come up with, the adventures you take them on, the lessons you teach them, the way you help them experience the fullness of life. It could be the way you serve others. Your unique ability to engage with and make them feel included, accepted and loved. It could be your cooking and/or baking! It could be in the way you work out, or style hair, or make DIYs,  or the unique clothes you wear, or the way you decorate, or the way you get work done… I could literally keep going for days, folks!

Seriously, creativity comes in so many different forms, and we need to broaden our thinking on the subject! Christ has created every last one of us with significant purpose and ability, and it’s when we refocus on Him (because our focus is not fully on Him when we have such a harsh and negative view of how He designed us) and dig down deep to find the ways that He’s made us awesome (not encouraging arrogance here whatsoever, just a healthy, correct viewpoint of ourselves!) that is when we will live with more freedom and confidence, fully aware of the amazing ways we’ve been created to create.

Fact: You ARE creative and it is my prayer that this little blog post helps to remind you of that, boosts your spirits up, and encourages you to walk with more peace and confidence to be the amazing, gifted human being you are.

Happy Friday, friends and thanks for reading!