Hello, friends! I’m Danielle and I’m from Austin, TX. On most days, you’ll find me in my cozy apartment working and/or creating. Chances are I’m in my comfy clothes, my hair is up in a top knotch bun, there’s coffee in hand and my fluffy pup is snuggled up right next to me. I am a wife, blogger, letterer, painter, & singer/songwriter, who loves all things music, baking (donuts are my heros), fashion, DIY and home.

A couple years ago, my husband and I left our small town in Upstate NY, with 2 cars packed floor to ceiling, our pup in tow and the confirmation from God to relocate to Texas. This move was beyond unexpected, but we had been feeling for a long time time that we would be experiencing some sort of transition in our lives, and boy, were we right! As big and as scary as the move was, over 1700+miles away from our friends and family, we had such an overwhelming peace that it’s what we were supposed to do and just couldn’t wait to embark on a new adventure together!

I came to Austin pretty discouraged, as far as where I felt like my life was headed and how that wasn’t even close to where I wanted to be. Music is my biggest passion and what I hope to pursue more than anything, but it felt like the thing I wanted to do most was the farthest from my reach. I felt like if I couldn’t pursue music, then I had nothing else to offer. But I started to pay more attention to different creative forms, and things began to appeal to me that I never thought in a million years I would be able to pursue. I became inspired very quickly by different calligraphers, artists, and bloggers which led me to learning how to handletter, work with acrylics and watercolors, and eventually dive into the world of blogging! I attended workshops, watched tutorials, and pretty much just practiced my butt off to get the hang of things as best as I could!

I opened up an Etsy shop, called Lowly Designs, where I started selling my creations and offered custom work to clients! From there, came the desire to create my blog, that would allow me to showcase the many different interests and passions I have, as well as a place to just have some fun and share my thoughts on life. Thank the good Lord for my brilliant husband, who helped me get everything set up and who cheered me on more than anyone to go after the big, crazy dreams that were coming out of me!

When I opened my Etsy shop, the name Lowly Designs came from a very significant place for me. I have always strived to be a humble, kind and caring person, but more importantly,  It is my desire to exemplify Christ in all that I say and do. He is the perfect example of true humility in every way. When He was on this earth, He lowered Himself so that He could be with us. He was selfless, pouring out love, mercy, grace, kindness, compassion, and hope to all He encountered. Jesus showed us how to be like Him, and how to bring Him glory on this earth. Lowly stands for that perfect meekness and humility He possessed and that I strive towards daily. It is a constant reminder of the person of Jesus and how I have the ability to love others well, because of who He is and all that He has done. And so when it was time to pick a name for my blog, The Lowly Life came to me and I just couldn’t let it go.

Matthew 11:29 says, “Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Jesus portrayed the truest example of  humility and has made it possible for us to be forgiven, cleansed and transformed, so that we can be more like Him in this way. It is my prayer  that this blog is a source of joy and encouragement to every person that stops by! I appreciate you all so much and can’t thank you enough for taking the time to check out The Lowly Life.

If you’d like to see to what I’m up to everyday, follow me on Instagram @thelowlylife  and Pinterest @thelowlylife