About Me

Hello, friends! My name is Danielle and I am a blogger, letterer, painter, & singer/songwriter, living just outside of Atlanta, GA. On most days, you’ll find me in my cozy home working or creating! Chances are I’m in my comfy clothes, there’s coffee in hand, music’s on and my fluffy pup is snuggled right up next to me. 

My husband and I moved to GA in September of last year, from Austin, TX! We were in Austin for 2.5 years and absolutely loved our season of life spent in that amazing city. But we felt and received confirmation from God that it was time for us to move on, settle down closer to family and buy our first home. 

Back in 2015, I came to Austin pretty discouraged, as far as where I felt like my life was headed and how that wasn’t even close to where I wanted to be. Music is my biggest passion and what I hope to pursue more than anything, but it felt like the thing I wanted to do most was the farthest from my reach. I felt like if I couldn’t pursue music, then I had nothing else to offer. But I started branching out and trying new things, things I never thought in a million years I would be able to pursue! I became inspired very quickly by different calligraphers, artists, and bloggers which led me to learning modern calligraphy, work with paints, and eventually dive into the world of blogging!

When I first created The Lowly Life, what inspired me initially to choose that name was the humility aspect of it. I have always desired to live a life of complete humility before God and to exemplify the character of Jesus, that was so beautifully and perfectly displayed. And while that purpose will still rule supreme in all that I do, the Lord placed fresh vision on my heart at the end of 2017 and has taken things in a new, yet perfectly aligned direction this year.

The Lowly Life is now going to stand for: Encouraging, inspiring and empowering others to live more simply, fully, and intentionally, all for the glory of God. This is something I have become super passionate about over the past year and could not be more excited to represent. I have personally struggled and seen others in my life struggle with pursuing simplicity, slow living, being intentional and fully present in their lives and relationships, and so this message really hits home for me.

Another huge aspect of change for The Lowly Life this year and something  I’m really passionate about, is community.  I am going to be incorporating more like minded people into what I do, allowing them to share their passions and hearts with you all on things that pertain to my overall mission. I’ve been so blessed and inspired by some amazing people in my life, and cannot wait to feature them here, so that they can speak into your lives and also just give you some fun ideas, tips and tricks to try! We’re going to be covering SO MANY amazing topics here that will touch on every area of life, and I’m just looking so forward to having a community on board with me to share them with you all.

I think it’s super important for us all to take a step back and remember just how precious life is, asking ourselves if we are truly living ours in the best, most God glorifying way. There is SO MUCH life to live and enjoy outside of all the petty, meaningless things we can allow to take up our time. I want to challenge myself and others to find ways that we can lay aside meaningless distractions and fill more of our lives with what matters most.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog, friend! If you’d like to see to what I’m up to everyday, you can follow me on Instagram @thelowlylife  and see what I’m loving over on Pinterest @thelowlylife

For His glory,